Clinical Nursing Skills: An Australian Perspective

Clinical Nursing Skills: An Australian Perspective

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Jacqueline Bloomfield, Anne Pegram, Rhonda Wilson, Alan Pearson, Nicholas Procter, William McGuiness, Jane Stein-Parbury, Sally Bristow, Julie Dally, Brigid Gillespie, Benjamin Hay, Richard Lakeman, Elicia Kunst, Zaneta Smith, et al
Cambridge University Press, 10/21/2016
EAN 9781316620212, ISBN10: 1316620212

Paperback, 523 pages, 25.5 x 19 x 2.2 cm
Language: English

Clinical Nursing Skills provides students with a strong, industry-focused foundation in nursing across various clinical settings. It includes the essential theory as well as relevant practical examples, which illustrate the skills required to prepare students for the workplace and help them achieve clinical competence. Each chapter is written by leading academics and based on the registered nurse standards for practice. Pedagogical features include learning objectives, reflective questions, clinical tips, full-colour images, in-situ troubleshooting case studies, skills in practice case studies, keys terms and definitions, and research topics for further study. Clinical Nursing Skills is a highly practical and authoritative resource designed to educate the next generation of nurses. The book comes with free access to the VitalSource etext. This enhanced version of Clinical Nursing Skills houses homework assignments, tutorial assistance, guided solutions and additional content in one convenient resource, which you can download to your computer or mobile device.

Part I. Skills in Nursing
1. The Australian healthcare context Rhonda Wilson
2. Clinical skills and nursing care Jacqueline Bloomfield and Anne Pegram
3. An introduction to evidence-based practice in nursing Alan Pearson
Part II. Communication and Assessment
4. Interpersonal communication skills Jane Stein-Parbury
5. Patient assessment Suzanne Robertson-Malt, Deborah Norton-Westwood and Alan Pearson
Part III. Fundamental Skills for Patient Care
6. Infection prevention and control Peta-Anne Zimmerman, Thea van de Mortel, Marilyn Cruickshank and Ramon Z. Shaban
7. Personal hygiene Jacqueline Bloomfield and Anne Pegram
8. Elimination Rhonda Wilson and Sally Bristow
9. Nutrition Jacqueline Bloomfield and Anne Pegram
10. Medication administration Richard Lakeman and Elicia Kunst
11. Promoting comfort Rhonda Wilson
12. Mental health Nicholas Procter and Monika Ferguson
13. Respiratory skills Benjamin Hay and Julie Dally
14. Perioperative care Zaneta Smith and Brigid Gillespie
15. Blood transfusion Erica Wood, Kylie Rushford, Christine Michael and Terri Dunstan
16. Wound management William McGuiness
Part IV. Skills Required to Care for Patients with Specific Needs
17. Care of the deteriorating and unconscious patient David Jackson and Liz Mackey
18. Essential paediatric and neonatal skills Nikki Brown and Janet Green
19. Care of the elderly Colleen Doyle and Dorothy Manwa
20. Care of the person with a chronic disease Kate Cameron, Colleen Doyle and Chris Christensen.