Editing Piers Plowman: The Evolution of the Text: 28 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature, Series Number 28)

Editing Piers Plowman: The Evolution of the Text: 28 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature, Series Number 28)

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Charlotte Brewer
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Digitally Printed 1st Pbk. Version, 8/21/2008
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Paperback, 480 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 3 cm
Language: English

The fifty-plus extant manuscripts of Piers Plowman have always posed a puzzle to editors and readers. This 1996 book is an account of the editions of the poem which have appeared since 1550, when it was first published by the protestant reformer Robert Crowley. It examines the circumstances in which the editions were produced, the lives and intellectual motivations of the editors, and the relationship between one edition and the next. Brewer places the work of W. W. Skeat at the centre of Piers Plowman editing, showing how he towered above his predecessors and determined the path subsequently taken by editors of the poem, and presents much new biographical information about this extraordinary man. She uses a wide range of published and previously unpublished material to explain the difficulties of editing and to shed light on attempts to crack one of the major editorial conundrums in medieval studies.

Part I. The Early Phase
1. Crowley
2. Percy, Warton, Tyrwhitt, Ritson
3. Whitaker and Price
4. Wright
Part II. The Late Nineteenth Century
5. The early English text society and its editorial context
6. Skeat
7. Skeat's A-Text
8. Skeat's B-Text
9. Skeat's C-Text
Part III. The Skeat Aftermath
10. Manly versus Chambers and Grattan
11. Excursus
Westcott and Hort
Part IV. Chambers Grattan, Knott and Fowler
12. Chambers 1909–10
13. Chambers versus Knott
14. Chambers' graduate students
15. Chambers 1931
16. Chambers 1935–42
17. The Chambers and Grattan collations
18. Grattan and Kane
19. Knott and Fowler, Donaldson, Mitchell and Russell
Part V. The Athlone Press Edition
20. The Athlone A-Text
21. The Athlone B-Text
Part VI. Epilogue
The Athlone Aftermath
Schmidt, Pearsall, Rigg-Brewer, et al.