Plato and the Stoics

Plato and the Stoics

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Edited by A. G. Long
Cambridge University Press, 9/26/2013
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Hardcover, 210 pages, 21.6 x 14 x 1.3 cm
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Plato was central both to the genesis of Stoic theory and to subsequent debates within the Stoa. These essays provide new and detailed explorations of the complex relationship between Plato and the Greek and Roman Stoic traditions, and together they show the directness and independence with which Stoics examined Plato's writing. What were the philosophical incentives to consulting and then returning to Plato's dialogues? To what extent did Plato, rather than Xenophon or Antisthenes, control Stoic reconstructions of Socrates' ethics? What explains the particular focus of Stoic polemic against Plato, and how strong is the evidence for a later reconciliation between Plato and Stoicism? This book will be important for all scholars and advanced students interested in the relationship between a major philosopher and one of the most important philosophical movements.

Introduction A. G. Long
1. Cardinal virtues
a contested Socratic inheritance Malcolm Schofield
2. The Academy, the Stoics, and Cicero on Plato's Timaeus G. Reydams-Schils
3. Chrysippus and Plato on the fragility of the head Jenny Bryan
4. Plato and the Stoics on limits, parts and wholes Paul Scade
5. Subtexts, connections and open opposition A. G. Long
6. Seneca against Plato
Letters 58 and 65 George Boys-Stones
7. Theôria and scholê in Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius
Platonic, Stoic or Socratic? Thomas Bénatouïl.