Postmodernism in Music (Cambridge Introductions to Music)

Postmodernism in Music (Cambridge Introductions to Music)

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Kenneth Gloag
Cambridge University Press, 6/21/2012
EAN 9780521151573, ISBN10: 0521151570

Paperback, 222 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 1 cm
Language: English

Postmodernism is a term that has been used extensively to describe general trends and specific works in many different cultural contexts, including literature, cinema, architecture and the visual arts. This introduction clarifies the term and explores its relevance for music through discussion of specific musical examples from the 1950s to the present day, providing an engagement between theory and practice. Overall, this book equips students with a thorough understanding of this complex but important topic in music studies. It: • outlines and addresses the problems of defining what we mean by postmodernism • explores when postmodernism begins • engages with a broad range of literature and reference sources, inviting wider reading and thinking • uses specific musical examples to present ways of interpreting music that can be defined as postmodernist

1. Introducing postmodernism
2. Postmodern musicology – postmodern music
3. From anti-modernism to postmodern nostalgia
4. The challenge of the past
5. The music of George Rochberg
from modern serialism to postmodern pastiche
6. The music of John Zorn
'a postmodernism of resistance'
7. Blurring the boundaries
8. The music of Sofia Gubaidulina (and others)
'as if the history of music were at an end'
9. Repetitions and revisions
from bebop to hip-hop