The Gladstones: A Family Biography: A Family Biography 1764?1851

The Gladstones: A Family Biography: A Family Biography 1764?1851

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S.G. Checkland
Cambridge University Press, 10/13/2008
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Paperback, 480 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 3 cm
Language: English

This full-scale study of the Gladstones, one of the most interesting and best documented families of nineteenth-century Britain. It centres on the formidable figure of John Gladstone and on his famous son. John made his fortune by trading in the difficult conditions of the revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. As a major slave owner he was deeply embroiled in the troubles of the West Indies and in the debate on slavery. He played an important role in the new trade with the East and, as an urban and agricultural developer and sponsor of the railway age, he hastened the coming of urban-industrial society. His manipulation of the pre-reform electorate of Liverpool and his relationships with Canning, Huskisson and the politically ambitious northern businessmen are revealing of the politics of the time.

Part I. The Self-Made Trader, 1764–1812
1. The grandfather of a Prime Minister
Thomas Gladstones
2. The young trader of Leith
John Gladstones, 1764–87
3. The life of a Liverpool corn dealer, 1787–9
4. The American adventure, 1789–90
5. The challenge of Liverpool, 1790–1800
6. The widower and the provost of Dingwall's daughter, 1800
7. War, business and family, 1800–5
8. Politics and parenthood, 1806–12
Part II. The Liverpool Merchant Prince, 1812–22
9. 1812
The critical election
10. The great war
the last phase, 1812–15
11. The Gladstones at Seaforth House, 1815–22
12. Canning as protege, 1812–22
13. John Gladstone and Canning on the nation's needs, 1812–22
14. Shipowner, trader, planter and philanthropist, 1815–22
15. The four sons
Eton and Glasgow Colleges and the navy, 1817–22
Part III. Ambitions, Personal and Parental, 1822–30
16. Gladstone, Finlay, Canning and Huskisson, 1822–9
17. Frustration, illnesses and the tragedy of Anne, 1822–9
18. Railroads, charities, politics and fortune, 1822–9
19. Sugar and slaves in the West Indies, 1823–9
21. William at Eton and Oxford, 1822–9
21. The leaving of Liverpool, 1829–30
Part IV. Three Unsettled Years, 1830–3
22. Politics and business by post
23. William at Oxford and Westminster
24. Slave emancipation
Part V. The Aged Scottish Laird and his Politician Son, 1833–51
25. The laird of Fasque and Balfour, 1833–40
26. William at Westminster
his wooing and his writing, 1833–40
27. India and China
the coolie system
railways, 1833–40
28. Family, investments and advice to Sir Robert Peel, 1841–6
29. William Ewart Gladstone as Peel's lieutenant, 1841-6
30. The ancient baronet, 1846–51
31. The dissolving family
The making of Mr Gladstone.