Town and Country in Europe, 1300-1800 (Themes in International Urban History)

Town and Country in Europe, 1300-1800 (Themes in International Urban History)

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Cambridge University Press, 9/15/2010
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Relations between town and country are central to Europe's long-term economic, political and social evolution. This 2001 book surveys and re-interprets these relations in particular countries and regions in the light of the most recent debates on state formation, urbanisation, proto-industrialisation, and the regional character of pre-modern economic growth. Thirteen specially commissioned chapters, ranging chronologically from the Black Death to the Enlightenment, give a comprehensive coverage of Europe, from Spain to Sweden and England, and from the Polish Commonwealth to Holland and Italy. Each chapter offers a self-contained analysis of its country or region and provides a basis for systematic comparison. The Introduction (by S. R. Epstein) discusses the historiographical and theoretical framework for the regional chapters, emphasising how evolving political configurations changed the balance between 'coercive' and 'market-based' solutions to town-country relations and set countries on different paths to growth.

1. Introduction
town and country in Europe, 1300–1800 S. R. Epstein
2. Town and country in Sweden, 1450–1650 Robert Sandberg
3. Town and country in Holland, 1300–1550 Peter Hoppenbrouwers
4. Town and country in the Dutch Republic, 1550–1800 Marjolein 't Hart
5. Town and country in England, 1300–1570 James A. Galloway
6. Town and country in England, 1570–1750 Paul Glennie
7. Town and country in the Polish Commonwealth, 1350–1650 Andrzej Janeczek
8. Town and country in the Austrian and Czech Lands, 1450–1750 Markus Cerman and Herbert Knittler
9. Town and country in Germany, 1350–1600 Tom Scott
10. Town and country in Switzerland, 1450–1750 Martin Körner
11. Town and country in France, 1550–1750 Thomas Brennan
12. Town and country in Castile, 1400–1650 Pablo Sánchez Léon
13. Town and country in central and northern Italy, 1500–1750 Carlo Maria Belfanti
14. Town and country in the Kingdom of Naples, 1500–1750 Brigitte Marin.