Virtue in Business: Conversations with Aristotle (Business, Value Creation, and Society)

Virtue in Business: Conversations with Aristotle (Business, Value Creation, and Society)

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Professor Edwin M. Hartman
Cambridge University Press, 7/4/2013
EAN 9781107030756, ISBN10: 1107030757

Hardcover, 285 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 1.9 cm
Language: English

The virtue approach to business ethics is a topic of increasing importance within the business world. Focusing on Aristotle's theory that the virtues of character, rather than actions, are central to ethics, Edwin M. Hartman introduces readers of this book to the value of applying Aristotle's virtue approach to business. Using numerous real-world examples, he argues that business leaders have good reason to take character seriously when explaining and evaluating individuals in organisations. He demonstrates how the virtue approach can deepen our understanding of business ethics, and how it can contribute to contemporary discussions of character, rationality, corporate culture, ethics education and global ethics. Written by one of the foremost Aristotelian scholars working in the field today, this authoritative introduction to the role of virtue ethics in business is a valuable primer for graduate students and academic researchers in business ethics, applied ethics and philosophy.

Foreword R. Edward Freeman
Introduction to Aristotle, virtue ethics, and this essay
1. Virtues and principles
2. Virtues and decisions
3. Virtues, good reasons, and the good life
4. Developing character
5. Virtues in and among organisations
6. Teaching virtue in business school
7. Ethical conflict and the global future