3: The Cambridge History of British Theatre: Volume 3

3: The Cambridge History of British Theatre: Volume 3

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Reprint, 3/12/2015
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This volume explores the rich and complex histories of English, Scottish and Welsh theatres in the 'long' twentieth century since 1895. Twenty-three original essays by leading historians and critics investigate the major aspects of theatrical performance, ranging from the great actor-managers to humble seaside entertainers, from between-wars West End women playwrights to the roots of professional theatre in Wales and Scotland, and from the challenges of alternative theatres to the economics of theatre under Thatcher. Detailed surveys of key theatre practices and traditions across this whole period are combined with case studies of influential productions, critical years placed in historical perspective and evaluations of theatre at the turn of the millennium. The collection presents an exciting evolution in the scholarly study of modern British theatre history, skilfully demonstrating how performance variously became a critical litmus test of the great aesthetic, cultural, social, political and economic upheavals in the age of extremes.

List of illustrations
Part I. 1895–1946
1. British theatre, 1895–1946
art, entertainment, audiences – an introduction Dennis Kennedy
2. The London stage, 1895–1918 Thomas Postlewait
3. Provincial stages, 1900–34
touring and early repertory theatre Viv Gardner
4. Popular theatre, 1896–1940 Sophie Nield
5. Case study
Cicely Hamilton's Diana of Dobson's, 1908 Christine Dymkowski
6. A critical year in perspective
1926 Steve Nicholson
7. The London stage, 1918–45 Maggie B. Gale
8. Social commitment and aesthetic innovation, 1895–1946 Mick Wallis
PART II. Scottish and Welsh Theatres, 1895–2002
9. Towards national identities
theatre in Scotland Jan McDonald
10. Case study
Ena Lamont Stewart's Men Should Weep, 1947 Nadine Holdsworth
11. Towards national identities
Welsh theatres Ioan Williams
12. Case study
refashioning a myth, performances of the tale of Blodeuwedd Hazel Walford Davies
Part III. 1940–2002
13. British theatre, 1940–2002
an introduction Baz Kershaw
14. The establishment of mainstream theatre, 1946–79 John Bull
15. Alternative theatres, 1946–2000 Baz Kershaw
16. Developments in the profession of theatre, 1946–2000 Colin Chambers
17. Case study
Theatre Workshop's Oh What a Lovely War, 1963 Derek Paget
18. 1979 and after
a view Vera Gottlieb
19. British theatre and commerce, 1979–2000 Stephen Lacey
20. New theatre for new times
decentralisation, innovation and pluralism, 1975–2000 Simon Jones
21. Theatre in Scotland in the 1990s and beyond Adrienne Scullion
22. Theatre in Wales in the 1990s and beyond Roger Owen
23. English theatre in the 1990s and beyond Liz Tomlin