5G Mobile and Wireless Communications Technology

5G Mobile and Wireless Communications Technology

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Cambridge University Press, 6/2/2016
EAN 9781107130098, ISBN10: 1107130093

Hardcover, 410 pages, 25.1 x 18 x 2.3 cm
Language: English

Written by leading experts in 5G research, this book is a comprehensive overview of the current state of 5G. Covering everything from the most likely use cases, spectrum aspects, and a wide range of technology options to potential 5G system architectures, it is an indispensable reference for academics and professionals involved in wireless and mobile communications. Global research efforts are summarised, and key component technologies including D2D, mm-wave communications, massive MIMO, coordinated multi-point, wireless network coding, interference management and spectrum issues are described and explained. The significance of 5G for the automotive, building, energy, and manufacturing economic sectors is addressed, as is the relationship between IoT, machine type communications, and cyber-physical systems. This essential resource equips you with a solid insight into the nature, impact and opportunities of 5G.

1. Introduction Afif Osseiran, Jose F. Monserrat, Patrick Marsch and Olav Queseth
2. 5G use cases and system concept Hugo Tullberg, Mikael Fallgren, Katsutoshi Kusume and Andreas Höglund
3. The 5G architecture Heinz Droste, Icaro Leonardo Da Silva, Peter Rost and Mauro Boldi
4. Machine-type communications Joachim Sachs, Petar Popovski, Andreas Höglund, David Gozalvez-Serrano and Peter Fertl
5. D2D communications Zexian Li, Fernando Sanchez Moya, Gabor Fodor, Jose Mairton B. Da Silva, Jr and Konstantinos Koufos
6. mmW communications Robert Baldemair, Kumar Balachandran, Lars Sundström and Dennis Hui
7. The 5G radio access technologies Malte Schellmann, Petra Weitkemper, Eeva Lähetkangas, Erik Ström, Carsten Bockelmann and Slimane Ben Slimane
8. Massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems Nandana Rajatheva, Satoshi Suyama, Wolfgang Zirwas, Lars Thiele, Gabor Fodor, Antti Tölli, Elisabeth De Carvalho and Jesper Hemming Sorensen
9. Coordinated multi-point transmission in 5G Roberto Fantini, Wolfgang Zirwas, Lars Thiele, Danish Aziz and Paolo Baracca
10. Relaying and wireless network coding Elisabeth De Carvalho, Mats Bengtsson, Florian Lenkeit, Carsten Bockelmann and Petar Popovski
11. Interference management, mobility management and dynamic reconfiguration Michał Maternia, Ömer Bulakci, Emmanuel Ternon, Andreas Klein, Tommy Svensson
12. Spectrum Mikko A. Uusitalo, Olav Tirkkonen, Luis Campoy, Ki Won Sung, Hans Schotten and Kumar Balachandran
13. The 5G wireless propagation channel models Tommi Jämsä, Jonas Medbo, Pekka Kyösti, Katsuyuki Haneda and Leszek Raschkowski
14. Simulation methodology Jose F. Monserrat, Mikael Fallgren, David Martin-Sacristan, Ji Lianghai
15. Summary and outlook Patrick Marsch, Afif Osseiran and Jose F. Monserrat