A Concise History of Canada (Cambridge Concise Histories)

A Concise History of Canada (Cambridge Concise Histories)

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Professor Margaret Conrad
Cambridge University Press, 5/28/2012
EAN 9780521761932, ISBN10: 052176193X

Hardcover, 344 pages, 22.4 x 14.5 x 2.2 cm
Language: English

Margaret Conrad's history of Canada begins with a challenge to its readers. What is Canada? What makes up this diverse, complex and often contested nation-state? What was its founding moment? And who are its people? Drawing on her many years of experience as a scholar, writer and teacher of Canadian history, Conrad offers astute answers to these difficult questions. Beginning in Canada's deep past with the arrival of its Aboriginal peoples, she traces its history through the conquest by Europeans, the American Revolutionary War and the industrialization of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to its prosperous present. Despite its successes and its popularity as a destination for immigrants from across the world, Canada remains a curiously reluctant player on the international stage. This intelligent, concise and lucid book explains just why that is.

a cautious country
1. Since time immemorial
2. Natives and newcomers, 1000–1661
3. New France, 1661–1763
4. A revolutionary age, 1763–1821
5. Transatlantic communities, 1815–49
6. Coming together, 1850–85
7. Making progress, 1885–1914
8. Hanging on, 1914–45
9. Liberalism triumphant, 1945–84
10. Interesting times, 1984–2010.