A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations

A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations

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Cambridge University Press, 12/8/2005
EAN 9780521826921, ISBN10: 0521826926

Hardcover, 538 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 3 cm
Language: English

An A to Z companion to 2,000 years of encounter between Judaism and Christianity, A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations is a pioneering work which explores and defines the many factors which characterise the historic and ongoing relationship between the two traditions. From Aaron to Zionism, the editors have brought together over 700 entries - including events, institutions, movements, people, places and publications - contributed by more than 100 internationally renowned scholars. The Dictionary offers a focus for the study and understanding of Jewish-Christian relations internationally, both within and between Judaism and Christianity. It provides a comprehensive single reference to a subject which touches on numerous areas of study.

The structure of the book
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'Arguably no relationship of any two faith communities in the course of history has been both so close and so far apart as that of Jewry and Christendom. Yet this new era has both produced and affords a relationship between the two ... in which both the profound differences as well as the 'shared patrimony' can be genuinely appreciated. This Dictionary will have a special place in reflecting and facilitating this process.' Rabbi David Rosen, President, the International Jewish Committee for Interreligious Consultation, International Director of Interreligious Affairs, The American Jewish Committee

'A Dictionary of Jewish-Christian Relations is a required reference work for every rabbi, priest and minister. In addition, the volume is indispensable for faculty members and students of religion and history on the university campus and in seminaries. Every synagogue and church library should purchase a copy because the Dictionary is a powerful tool in educating youngsters and adult lay people.' Rabbi A. James Rudin, Senior Interreligious Adviser to the American Jewish Committee

'Its coverage, content, and theological position, and editorial standards all make this work an attractive addition to any specialized theological collection in college and study, and there are many threads here which merit further - and international - study.' Reference Reviews

'… a sane and remarkably unpolemical guide … there cannot be a more comprehensive guide available to the many highly fraught issues involved … should quickly establish itself as an essential resource for anyone concerned with Jewish-Christian relations.' Times Literary Supplement