A History of 1930s British Literature

A History of 1930s British Literature

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 5/16/2019
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This History offers a new and comprehensive picture of 1930s British literature. The '30s have often been cast as a literary-historical anomaly, either as a 'low, dishonest decade', a doomed experiment in combining art and politics, or as a 'late modernist' afterthought to the intense period of artistic experimentation in the 1920s. By contrast, the contributors to this volume explore the contours of a 'long 1930s' by repositioning the decade and its characteristic concerns at the heart of twentieth-century literary history. This book expands the range of writers covered, moving beyond a narrow focus on towering canonical figures to draw in a more diverse cast of characters, in terms of race, gender, class, and forms of artistic expression. The book's four sections emphasize the decade's characteristic geographical and sexual identities; the new media landscapes and institutional settings its writers operated in; questions of commitment and autonomy; and British writing's international entanglements.

the long 1930s Benjamin Kohlmann and Matthew Taunton
Part I. Mapping a New Decade
Geographies and Identities
1. Beyond Englishness
the regional and rural novel in the 1930s Kristin Bluemel
2. Uncanny cities
urban geographies and metropolitan life in the 1930s Emma Zimmerman
3. The making of the working class
proletarian writing in the 1930s Nick Hubble
4. Professional women writers Kristin Ewins
5. Queer communist formations
coterie, counterpublic, cell Glyn Salton-Cox
Part II. Media Histories and the Institutions of Literature
6. Circulating literature
libraries, bookshops, and book clubs Andrew Thacker
7. Literature and education in the long 1930s Matthew Taunton
8. International PEN
writers, free expression, organisations Rachel Potter
9. The new reading public
modernism, popular literature, and the paperbacks Vike Martina Plock
10. Debatable ground
journalism, pamphlets, and social critique Peter Marks
11. 'Hypocrite auditeur, mon semblable, mon frère'
literature and the border of the radio public Ian Whittington
12. Talking films Laura Marcus
13. Telemediations James Purdon
Part III. Commitment and Autonomy
14. Ambiguity run riot
film-mindedness in the 1930s avant garde Rod Mengham
15. 'A vein of insularity'
British music in the long 1930s Louise Wiggins
16. Representing fascism in 1930s literature Tyrus Miller
17. The documentary impulse Leo Mellor
18. Religion, modernism and Anglo-agnostics
(un) belief and fiction in the 1930s Suzanne Hobson
19. The colonial state and transnational welfare during the 1930s Depression Janice Ho
20. The scientific imagination and the politics of objectivity Boris Jardine
Part IV. The Global 1930s
Conflict and Change
21. Anglo-Soviet literary relations in the long 1930s John Connor
22. A declining empire in a rising power
British writers in America Greg Barnhisel
23. Late modernism and the Spanish Civil War Patricia Rae
24. Total war Marina MacKay
25. Colonial intellectuals and the aesthetic Cold War Peter Kalliney
26. Imperial fictions
writing the end of empire Laura Winkiel.