A Renaissance of Violence: Homicide in Early Modern Italy

A Renaissance of Violence: Homicide in Early Modern Italy

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Colin Rose
Cambridge University Press, 10/17/2019
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Hardcover, 264 pages, 23.5 x 16 x 2 cm
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Based on a close examination of more than 700 homicide trials, A Renaissance of Violence exposes the deep social instability at the core of the early modern states of North Italy. Following a series of crises in the early seventeenth century, interpersonal violence in the region grew to frightening levels, despite the efforts of courts and governments to reduce social conflict. In this detailed study of violence in early modern Europe, Colin Rose shows how major crises, such as the plague of 1630, reduced the strength of social bonds among both elite and ordinary Italians. As a result, incidents of homicidal violence exploded - in small rural communities, in the crowded urban center and within tightly-knit families. Combining statistical analysis and close reading of homicide patterns, Rose demonstrates how the social contexts of violence, as much as the growth of state power, can contribute to explaining how and why interpersonal violence grew so rapidly in North Italy in the seventeenth century.

1. Introduction
2. The tower of justice
3. Homicide in Bologna, 1600–1700
4. Gender and homicide in early modern Bologna
5. The days after no future
post-plague homicides in rural Bologna
6. It's good to have land
the defense of noble privilege through violence