A Shorter History of Greek Art

A Shorter History of Greek Art

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Martin Robertson
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 7/16/1981
EAN 9780521280846, ISBN10: 0521280842

Paperback, 254 pages, 27.9 x 21 x 1.5 cm
Language: English

First published in 1981, this is the shorter work of the two volume set A History of Greek Art, intended for a general readership. The abbreviation has been achieved by the selection of fewer objects for discussion rather than by a more summary treatment and the particular qualities of the larger History have been preserved.

1. The seeds of Greek art
geometric and orientalising
2. The beginning of monumental Greek art
the early archaic period
3. Ripe archaic art
4. The great change
late archaic and early classical
5. The classical moment
6. Developments into the fourth century
7. The second change
classical to Hellenistic
8. Hellenistic art
Abbreviations and bibliography
List of illustrations