A Student's Guide to Entropy (Student's Guides)

A Student's Guide to Entropy (Student's Guides)

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Don S. Lemons
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 1st Edition, 8/29/2013
EAN 9781107653979, ISBN10: 1107653975

Paperback, 194 pages, 22.6 x 15.5 x 1 cm
Language: English

Striving to explore the subject in as simple a manner as possible, this book helps readers understand the elusive concept of entropy. Innovative aspects of the book include the construction of statistical entropy from desired properties, the derivation of the entropy of classical systems from purely classical assumptions, and a statistical thermodynamics approach to the ideal Fermi and ideal Bose gases. Derivations are worked through step-by-step and important applications are highlighted in over 20 worked examples. Around 50 end-of-chapter exercises test readers' understanding. The book also features a glossary giving definitions for all essential terms, a time line showing important developments, and list of books for further study. It is an ideal supplement to undergraduate courses in physics, engineering, chemistry and mathematics.

1. Thermodynamic entropy
2. Statistical entropy
3. Entropy of classical systems
4. Entropy of quantized systems
5. Entropy of a non-isolated system
6. Entropy of Fermion systems
7. Entropy of Boson system
8. Entropy of information