Acts of Consciousness: A Social Psychology Standpoint

Acts of Consciousness: A Social Psychology Standpoint

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Guy Saunders
Cambridge University Press, 5/8/2014
EAN 9780521128544, ISBN10: 0521128544

Paperback, 346 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2 cm
Language: English

Drawing on compelling material from research interviews with former hostages and political prisoners, Guy Saunders reworks three classic thought experiment stories: Parfit's 'Teleporter', Nagel's 'What is it like to be a bat?' and Jackson's 'Mary the colour scientist' to form a fresh look at the study of consciousness. By examining consciousness from a social psychology perspective, Saunders develops a 'cubist psychology of consciousness' through which he challenges the accepted wisdom of mainstream approaches by arguing that people can act freely. What makes 'cubist psychology' is both the many examples taken from different viewpoints and the multiple ways of looking at the key issues of person, mind and world. This is a unique and engaging book that will appeal to students and academics in the field of consciousness studies and other readers with an interest in consciousness.

Part I. To Be Conscious
1. To teleport or not to teleport? (Parfit)
2. To be a person
ego, bundle and social theories
3. To be captive
Part II. To Have Consciousness
4. 'What is it like to be a bat?' (Nagel)
5. Treatments of subjective conscious experience in the arts
6. A captive mind
Part III. To Know Consciously
7. Landscape and the world about us
8. 'Mary the colour scientist' (Jackson)
9. Knowing how it feels to be free