Alan M. Turing

Alan M. Turing

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Sara Turing
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Centenary edition, 11/20/2014
EAN 9781107524224, ISBN10: 1107524229

Paperback, 194 pages, 21.6 x 14 x 1.1 cm
Language: English

'In a short life he accomplished much, and to the roll of great names in the history of his particular studies added his own.' So is described one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century, yet Alan Turing's name was not widely recognised until his contribution to the breaking of the German Enigma code became public in the 1970s. The story of Turing's life fascinates and in the years since his suicide, Turing's reputation has only grown, as his contributions to logic, mathematics, computing, artificial intelligence and computational biology have become better appreciated. To commemorate the centenary of Turing's birth, this republication of his mother's biography is enriched by a new foreword by Martin Davis and a never-before-published memoir by Alan's older brother. The contrast between this memoir and the original biography reveals tensions and sheds new light on Turing's relationship with his family, and on the man himself.

Foreword to the Centenary Edition Martin Davis
Preface to the First Edition
Foreword to the First Edition Lyn Irvine
Part I. Mainly Biographical
1. Family background
2. Childhood and early boyhood
3. At Sherborne school
4. At Cambridge
5. At the Graduate College, Princeton
6. Some characteristics
7. War work in the Foreign Office
8. At the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington
9. Work with the Manchester Automatic Digital Machine
10. Broadcasts and intelligent machinery
11. Morphogenesis
12. Relaxation
13. Last days and some tributes
Part II. Containing Computing Machinery and Morphogenesis
14. Computing machinery
15. Chemical theory of morphogenesis considered
My brother Alan John Turing