American English: History, Structure, and Usage

American English: History, Structure, and Usage

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Julie S. Amberg, Deborah J. Vause
Cambridge University Press, 2009-10-30
EAN 9780521852579, ISBN10: 0521852579

Hardcover, 244 pages, 24.8 x 17.1 x 1.3 cm
Language: English

This lively introduction to the study of language explores American English and its place within contemporary society, highlighting the role of language in our daily lives. Beginning with a definition of language, the text unpacks the basic concepts used in linguistics, placing them in the context of real-life situations. Using examples from popular culture, the authors show how the study of language is relevant to students' experience. Teachers and students will appreciate the book's innovative structure, designed to build an understanding of how different aspects of language work together. A variety of exercises - individual, group, discussion, research - is provided to support every teaching style. Imaginatively organised and fun to use, American English is the ideal guide to language study for students taking the subject as a general education requirement, beginning undergraduates in linguistics, and future teachers of English.

'A very user-friendly textbook: the chapters and examples will appeal to a wide range of students of American English, and they will find support in the excellent glossary, tables, thought-provoking exercises, and online links. I will certainly use it.' Kathy Lyday-Lee, Professor of Literature and Linguistics, Elon University