An Elementary Treatise on Statics

An Elementary Treatise on Statics

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S. L. Loney
Cambridge University Press, 3/17/2016
EAN 9781316603819, ISBN10: 1316603814

Paperback, 402 pages, 20.3 x 13.3 x 2.3 cm
Language: English

Originally published in 1917, as the second edition of a 1912 original, this textbook presents a detailed and contained introduction on statics written by renowned professor and author S. L. Loney (1860–1939). Primarily aimed at undergraduate students of science, engineering and mathematics, this book considers statics from the very beginning and assumes only elementary prior knowledge of the ordinary processes of the differential and integral calculus and in some articles the notions of solid geometry. Multiple examples are presented throughout and are intended to be useful for students of varying capacity. Chapter titles include, 'Centre of gravity', 'Stable and unstable equilibrium' and 'Thin spherical shells and solid sphere'. Multiple diagrams are included for reference. This accessible book provides an ideal and inspiring introduction to statics and will be of great value to specialists in the field as well as to anyone with an interest in the history of education.

1. Introduction. Composition and resolution of forces acting at one point
2. Parallel forces. Moments. Couples
3. Equilibrium of a rigid body acted on by forces in one place
4. Friction
5. Work. Virtual work
6. Graphic solutions
7. Shearing stresses. Bending moments
8. Centre of gravity
9. Stable and unstable equilibrium
10. Forces in three dimensions
11. Forces in three dimensions (continued)
12. Machines
13. Equilibrium of strings and chains
14. Attractions and potential
15. Attractions and potential (continued)
16. Equilibrium of slightly elastic beams.