An Essay on Government

An Essay on Government

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James Mill
Cambridge University Press, 12/3/2015
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James Mill (1773–1836) was a Scottish political philosopher, economist and proponent of Utilitarianism. He was the father of John Stuart Mill. Originally published in 1937, this book presents the complete text of Mill's An Essay on Government. An editorial introduction and textual notes are also included. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in the writings of Mill and political history.

1. The end of government, viz. the good or benefit for the sake of which it exists
2. The means of attaining the end of government
viz. power, and securities against the abuse of that power
3. That the requisite securities against the abuse of power, are not found in any of the simple forms of government
4. An objection stated - and answered
5. That the requisite securities are not found in a union of three simple forms of government - doctrine of the constitutional balance
6. In the representative system alone the securities for good government are to be found
7. What is required in a representative body to make it a security for good government?
8. What is required in the elective body to secure the requisite properties in the representative body
9. Objection (i)
that a perfect representative system, if established, would destroy the monarchy, and the House of Lords
10. Objection (ii)
that the people are not capable of acting agreeably to their interest.