An Introduction to International Criminal Law and Procedure

An Introduction to International Criminal Law and Procedure

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Robert Cryer
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 3, 2014-06-12
EAN 9781107698833, ISBN10: 1107698839

Paperback, 706 pages, 24.7 x 24.4 x 17 cm

'This is a comprehensive, yet accessible text. It is widely acclaimed among teachers and researchers of international criminal law, and easily surpasses the competition … This new edition has the authors hallmark quality and rigour.' Jonathan Doak, Durham University

'The authors make their work accessible, erudite, and admirably concise.' Suzannah Linton, Bangor University

'International criminal law seems to be both increasingly established and precarious, celebrated and critiqued. For a discipline in expansion, contention and crisis, it is a major achievement to have produced such a balanced and solid guide. Cryer, Friman, Robinson and Wilmshurst present an excellent combination of width and depth, of detail and clarity, and of analysis and critique. These qualities make this textbook ideal for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, but also a very satisfying port of call for academics seeking a detailed and thoughtful introduction to international criminal law and procedure.' Ioannis Kalpouzos, City University London

'Through detailed, systematic and insightful analysis, the book provides readers with information, knowledge, and explanation of international criminal law and practice, making it the best book for purposes of instruction.' Nicholas Tsagourias, University of Sheffield

'The third edition offers a fully comprehensive, balanced and enriching coverage of ICL, an area that has by now become well-established in international law. The book's structure superbly captures the contemporary spirit of ICL as it analyses domestic prosecutions with priority. The book moves beyond narrow or idealistic conceptions of ICL. The inclusion of practical matters such as extradition, mutual legal assistance and other forms of state cooperation reflects a reality-based and pragmatic approach that may be lacking in other, more aspirational treatises of the field. As ICL has matured, its philosophical and theoretical underpinnings have become better articulated and the book's analyses thereof is a great asset. The analysis of all the core ICL themes is accessible and yet thorough and thought-provoking. This book is beyond competition. It is outstanding and without any doubt one of the best in the field.' Larissa van den Herik, Leiden University

'This is a very comprehensive textbook on international criminal law, offering a panoramic and multifaceted coverage of the recent evolution, but also historical and systemic roots and dimensions of international criminal justice. It keeps a great balance between international and criminal law … written in an engaging manner that makes it an invaluable resource for everyone wishing to develop a broad understanding and knowledge of international criminal law.' Vassilis P. Tzevelekos, University of Hull

'International criminal law is about rules, practices and context. All three have evolved dramatically in the past four years. The ICC has produced a new definition of Aggression, issued its first judgments and international justice has now become a permanent feature of any conversation on peace and security, as in Ukraine or Syria. This new edition of [An] Introduction to International Criminal Law and Procedure, which takes into account these evolving legal and political landscapes is therefore more than welcome. It continues to strike the perfect balance between introducing key concepts and questioning the role and place of ICL in today's world, both as a philosophical project and as a reality and remains a necessary introductory tool for students and practitioners alike.' Dov Jacobs, Leiden University