An Introduction to Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena and Quantum Dissipation

An Introduction to Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena and Quantum Dissipation

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A. O. Caldeira
Cambridge University Press, 3/20/2014
EAN 9780521113755, ISBN10: 052111375X

Hardcover, 294 pages, 24.8 x 17.8 x 2.5 cm
Language: English
Originally published in English

Reviewing macroscopic quantum phenomena and quantum dissipation, from the phenomenology of magnetism and superconductivity to the presentation of alternative models for quantum dissipation, this book develops the basic material necessary to understand the quantum dynamics of macroscopic variables. Macroscopic quantum phenomena are presented through several examples in magnetism and superconductivity, developed from general phenomenological approaches to each area. Dissipation naturally plays an important role in these phenomena, and therefore semi-empirical models for quantum dissipation are introduced and applied to the study of a few important quantum mechanical effects. The book also discusses the relevance of macroscopic quantum phenomena to the control of meso- or nanoscopic devices, particularly those with potential applications in quantum computation or quantum information. It is ideal for graduate students and researchers.

1. Introduction
2. Elements of magnetism
3. Elements of superconductivity
4. Brownian motion
5. Models for quantum dissipation
6. Implementation of the propagator approach
7. The damped harmonic oscillator
8. Dissipative quantum tunnelling
9. Dissipative coherent tunnelling
10. Outlook