An Introduction to Quantum Theory

An Introduction to Quantum Theory

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F. S. Levin
Cambridge University Press, 31/01/2002
EAN 9780521591614, ISBN10: 0521591619

Hardcover, 808 pages, 25.8 x 18.4 x 3.8 cm

Underpinning the axiomatic formulation of quantum theory presented in this undergraduate textbook is a review of early experiments, a comparison of classical and quantal terminology, a Schroedinger-equation treatment of the one-dimensional quantum box, and a survey of relevant mathematics. Among the many concepts comprehensively discussed are: operators; state vectors and wave functions; experimental observables; classical/quantal connections; and symmetry properties. The theory is applied to a wide variety of systems including the non-relativistic H-atom, external electromagnetic fields, and spin1/2. Collisions are described using wave packets. Various time-dependent and time-independent approximations are discussed; applications include electromagnetic transition rates and corrections to the H-atom energies. The final chapter deals with identical-particle symmetries and their application to the He atom, the Periodic Table and diatomic molecules. There are also brief treatments of advanced subjects such as gauge invariance and hidden variables.

‘… [a] sound reliable text, suitable for students with the appropriate abilities and background.’ Alastair Rae, Times Higher Education Supplement