An Introduction to X-ray Crystallography

An Introduction to X-ray Crystallography

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Michael M. Woolfson
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 1997-01-13
EAN 9780521412711, ISBN10: 0521412714

Hardcover, 414 pages, 26 x 18.4 x 2.5 cm
Language: English

'… compulsory reading … extensively revised and updated … Woolfson was, and remains, a pioneer in this field. His work has revolutionised chemical crystallography … In summary, this book complements a number of texts in the field destined for advanced undergraduates and postgraduates, making it indispensable reading. The availability of a paperback version at a quite reasonable price serves to reinforce this. No crystallography laboratory should be without it.' Chris Gilmore, Chemistry in Britain

'… a comprehensive text of fundamental principles and theory … I would wholeheartedly recommend this as a solid formal text for the serious X-ray crystallographer.' Keith D. Rogers, Crystallography News

'… the new edition has been brought bang up to date with modern crystallographic techniques … I am delighted to welcome back this authoritative and highly readable textbook.' David C. Palmer, Geological Magazine

' … highly recommendable to everybody who wishes to understand what he (or she) does when pressing the return key.' P. Luger, Zeitschrift für Kristallographie