Androgens in Gynecological Practice

Androgens in Gynecological Practice

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Cambridge University Press, 6/25/2015
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Hardcover, 249 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 1.6 cm
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A practical approach to the field of androgen excess or deprivation in women's health. The content includes multiple viewpoints on the most common disorders in this class, such as polycystic ovary disease, hirsutism and menopausal issues. Each chapter provides a combination of long-lasting clinical principles in the diagnosis and management of these patients along with a state-of-the-art review. This text takes an innovative approach to uncommon conditions (such as congenital adrenal hyperplasia, transgender conditions). In addition to presenting clinical insights, and a review of the basic science underpinning these conditions, it focuses on key concepts that can be derived from these rare conditions to the entire field. This book is an essential addition to the library for any busy clinician who is looking for a practical reference guide but also for the sub-specialist who is looking for new and thought-provoking insights in this complex scientific area.

Part I. Managing the Basics
1. Hirsutism
managing the basics Héctor F. Escobar-Morreale
2. Alopecia
managing the basics Thamer Mubki and Jerry Shapiro
3. Polycystic ovary syndrome
managing the basics Keith Hansen
4. Sexual dysfunction, including hypoactive sexual desire disorder
diagnosis and treatment recommendations Ricki Pollycove and James Simon
Part II. The Scientific Essentials
5. The androgen receptor
basic structure and function Leo Plouffe
6. Androgens in postmenopausal women
their intracrine formation and inactivation in peripheral tissues Fernand Labrie
7. Diagnostic criteria of polycystic ovary syndrome Heather R. Burks and Robert A. Wild
8. Androgen effects on the skin Grace E. Kim and Alex B. Kimball
9. Polycystic ovary syndrome and cardiovascular risk Robert A. Wild
10. Effects of androgens on female genital tract Abdulmaged M. Traish and Andre T. Guay
Part III. Learning from the Extremes
11. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia in females Candice P. Holliday and Botros Rizk
12. Cushing syndrome in females Christopher B. Rizk, Andrew S. Fischer and Sylvia Hsu
13. Androgen-producing ovarian tumors Patricia Carney
14. Cognitive and behavioral impact of androgen disorders in females
learning from complete androgen insensitivity syndrome and congenital adrenal hyperplasia Amy B. Wisniewski
15. Testosterone replacement in aging male
lessons learned from the Women's Health Initiative David Muram and Craig F. Donatucci
Part IV. The Tool Kit
16. History and physical examination polycystic ovary syndrome
detecting too much or too little John J. Kohorst, Andrew S. Fischer and Christopher B. Rizk
17. Androgen assays
of mice and men Keith A. Hansen
18. Magnetic resonance imaging of the adrenal gland Sajal S. Pokharel and Ihab R. Kamel
19. Androgens and DHEA in postmenopausal medicine Lila E. Nachtigall and Jeffrey A. Goldstein
20. Lifestyle, diet and exercise in polycystic ovarian syndrome Elizabeth Burt and Rina Agrawal
21. Polycystic ovarian syndrome ovulation induction Carolyn Alexander
22. Ovulation induction in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome Shawky Z. A. Badawy and Botros Rizk