Antarctica: Global Science from a Frozen Continent

Antarctica: Global Science from a Frozen Continent

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Cambridge University Press, 2013-03-28
EAN 9781107003927, ISBN10: 110700392X

Hardcover, 352 pages, 24.8 x 24.6 x 19 cm

'From 'why is Antarctica so dry?' to the current state of the Antarctic Treaty, and everything conceivable in-between (history, geology, oceanography, biology, climate-change and much more), this is the book if you want to understand the significance of Antarctica for the future of Planet Earth. Well illustrated, and well written - I felt completely up to date when I finished reading it.' Sir John Lawton CBE FRS, Former Chair, Royal Commission on Environment Pollution

'This is an excellent review of key multidisciplinary collaborative research and geopolitics in Antarctica involving more than 30 countries, addressing global issues in climate, oceans, biodiversity, solar system, tourism and more. Of importance to contemporary society, it is a valued compendium.' Alan K. Cooper, Stanford University, and recipient of the second SCAR medal for International Scientific Coordination

'Antarctica is a conundrum. It is distant, yet it will shape our children's future; it is mysterious, yet a treasure trove for science; it is the focus of calculated geopolitical interest, yet the exemplar of 'world governance'. In this well-presented and readable book, the world's leading experts on Antarctic science showcase why the uninhabited seventh continent is central to the present and future of human interests and wellbeing.' Professor Chris Rapley CBE, University College London; former Director of the British Antarctic Survey and former President of SCAR

'Nicely presented … quality colour illustrations … anyone with a serious interest in Antarctica will find this book worthwhile.' Open University Geological Society Journal

'Science in Antarctica is an international endeavor, and that is also true of this book … The book is lavishly illustrated with color photos, maps, and graphs … Recommended. All levels/libraries.' W. L. Cressler, III, Choice

'… breathtakingly beautiful photographs … a broad and fascinating taste of what the continent and surrounding ocean is like, why they constitute such a fertile venue for scientific discovery, and what it's like to work there.' Antarctic Science

'… a timely addition to the literature on Antarctica … The illustrations are by and large excellent … This volume belongs on the bookshelves of researchers who wish to learn more about Antarctica outside their own disciplines, the lay public interested in the continent as a whole, non-governmental organizations, and the management and support staff for the various national programs. I highly recommend this book.' David H. Elliot, Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research

'… a handsomely produced volume, filled with a large number of excellent-quality colour photographs and figures, which can just as easily be in a high school or public library as in a university professor's research collection … the writing is clear and simple, and accessible to newcomers, students, as well as seasoned scientists. The overriding message throughout much of the writing is that Antarctica is critical to our understanding of global environmental change … I recommend you buy a copy and convince your library to do the same. This book would also make a welcome gift … fills an important niche.' John P. Smol, Polar Research

'There is a lot of great information here and I must admit that I am now more of a believer in climate change than I was before I started reading this book. It's scary, but unless we understand the problem, we can never find the solution. If you truly want to gain an understanding of what is happening and why, I would strongly encourage you to read this book.' Geoffrey Carpentier, The Canadian Field-Naturalist