Applications of Palaeontology: Techniques and Case Studies

Applications of Palaeontology: Techniques and Case Studies

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Robert Wynn Jones
Cambridge University Press, 8/18/2011
EAN 9781107005235, ISBN10: 110700523X

Hardcover, 420 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 2.3 cm
Language: English

Palaeontology, the scientific study of fossils, has developed from a descriptive science to an analytical science used to interpret relationships between Earth and life history. This book provides a comprehensive and thematic treatment of applied palaeontology, covering the use of fossils in the ordering of rocks in time and in space, in biostratigraphy, palaeobiology and sequence stratigraphy. Robert Wynn Jones presents a practical workflow for applied palaeontology, including sample acquisition, preparation and analysis, and interpretation and integration. He then presents numerous case studies that demonstrate the applicability and value of the subject to areas such as petroleum, mineral and coal exploration and exploitation, engineering geology and environmental science. Specialist applications outside of the geosciences (including archaeology, forensic science, medical palynology, entomopalynology and melissopalynology) are also addressed. Abundantly illustrated and referenced, Applications of Palaeontology provides a user-friendly reference for academic researchers and professionals across a range of disciplines and industry settings.

1. Work-flows in applied palaeontology
2. Biostratigraphy and allied disciplines, and stratigraphic time-scales
3. Palaeobiology
4. Sequence stratigraphy
5. Petroleum geology
6. Mineral exploration and exploitation
7. Coal geology and mining
8. Engineering geology
9. Environmental science
10. Other applications and case studies