Applied Digital Signal Processing: Theory and Practice

Applied Digital Signal Processing: Theory and Practice

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Dimitris G. Manolakis, Vinay K. Ingle
Cambridge University Press, 2011-11-21
EAN 9780521110020, ISBN10: 0521110025

Paperback, 1008 pages, 24.9 x 24.6 x 19 cm

'The primary advantage of this book is the integrated inclusion of MATLAB throughout … in some textbooks the MATLAB components appear to have been added as an afterthought.' Richard M. Dansereau, Carleton University, Ontario

'… a good balance between the depth and clarity of discussion of important topics in DSP and the requirement of mathematical adequacy for the students. This textbook matches with the background of my students.' Yuanwei Jin, University of Hartford, Connecticut

'The innovative figures help students visualise complicated concepts.' Thad B. Welch, Boise State University

'A main strength of this book is its inclusion of MATLAB throughout. There are other books that do this, but I think that MATLAB is more integrated in this book than in the competing books. It provides an appropriate amount of information when it is needed, without overwhelming the reader with excessive detail.' Matthew Valenti, West Virginia University