Aquatic Organic Matter Fluorescence (Cambridge Environmental Chemistry Series)

Aquatic Organic Matter Fluorescence (Cambridge Environmental Chemistry Series)

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Cambridge University Press, 7/14/2014
EAN 9780521764612, ISBN10: 0521764610

Hardcover, 418 pages, 25.3 x 17.7 x 2.3 cm
Language: English

This is the first comprehensive text on the theory and practice of aquatic organic matter fluorescence analysis, written by the experts who pioneered the research area. This book covers the topic in the broadest possible terms, providing a common reference for making measurements that are comparable across disciplines, and allowing consistent interpretation of data and results. The book includes the fundamental physics and chemistry of organic matter fluorescence, as well as the effects of environmental factors. All aspects of sample handling, data processing, and the operation of both field and laboratory instrumentation are included, providing the practical advice required for successful fluorescence analyses. Advanced methods for data interpretation and modeling, including parallel factor analysis, are also discussed. The book will interest those establishing field, laboratory, or industrial applications of fluorescence, including advanced students and researchers in environmental chemistry, marine science, environmental geosciences, environmental engineering, soil science, and physical geography.

Part I. Introduction
1. The principals of fluorescence Darren Reynolds
2. Fluorescence and dissolved organic matter
a chemist's perspective George Aiken
3. Aquatic organic matter fluorescence Paula Coble, Rob Spencer, Andy Baker and Darren Reynolds
Part II. Instrumentation and Sampling
4. Sampling design for organic matter fluorescence analysis Rob Spencer and Paula Coble
5. Optical spectroscopy instrumentation design, quality assurance and control
bench-top fluorimetry John R. Gilchrist and Darren Reynolds
6. Experimental design and quality assurance
in-situ instrumentation Robyn Conmy, Carlos Del Castillo, Brian Downing and Robert F. Chen
Part III. Environmental Effects
7. Physicochemical effects on dissolved organic matter fluorescence in natural waters Chris Osburn, Rosanna Del Vecchio and Thomas J. Boyd
8. Biological origins and fate of fluorescent dissolved organic matter in aquatic environments Colin A. Stedmon and Rose M. Cory
Part IV. Interpretation and Classification
9. Fluorescence indices and their interpretation Rachel Gabor, Andy Baker, Diane M. McKnight and Matthew P. Miller
10. Cheometric analysis of organic matter fluorescence Kate Murphy, Ramus Bro and Colin A. Stedmon.