Asian Courts in Context

Asian Courts in Context

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 12/11/2014
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The rise of Asia in global political and economic developments has been facilitated in part by a profound transformation of Asian courts. This book provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of these courts, explaining how their structures differ from courts in the West and how they have been shaped by the current challenges facing Asia. Contributors from across the continent analyze fourteen selected Asian jurisdictions representing varying degrees of development: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Vietnam. Setting the courts of each region in the context of their country's economic, political, and social dynamics, this book shows how and why Asian courts have undergone such profound transformations in recent years and predicts the future trajectories of tradition, transition and globalization to suggest the challenges and developments that lie ahead.

1. Introduction
Asian courts in context
tradition, transition and globalization Jiunn-rong Yeh and Wen-Chen Chang
Part I
2. Towards a more responsive judiciary
courts and judicial power in Japan Norikazu Kawagishi
3. Courts in the Republic of Korea
featuring a built-in authoritarian legacy of centralization and bureaucratization Jongcheol Kim
4. Courts and judicial reform in Taiwan
gradual transformations towards the guardian of constitutionalism and rule of law Wen-Chen Chang
5. Hong Kong
common law courts in China Pui Yin Lo
6. As efficient as the best businesses
Singapore's judicial system Kevin Y. L. Tan
Part II
7. Legitimacy of courts and the dilemma of their proliferation
the significance of judicial power in India Jayanth Krishnan
8. Courts in Indonesia
a mix of Western and local character Hikmahanto Juwana
9. The fledgling courts and adjudication system in Mongolia Batbold Amarsanaa
10. The Philippines' post-Marcos judiciary
the institutional turn in a populist democracy Raul C. Pangalangan
11. Courts in Malaysia and judiciary initiated reforms Yeow Choy Choong
12. Courts in Thailand
progressive development as the country's pillar of justice Pawat Satayanurug and Nattaporn Nakornin
13. Courts and the adjudication system in Bangladesh
in quest of viable reforms Ridwanul Hoque
14. Courts in China
judiciary in the economic and societal transitions Weixia Gu
15. Renovating courts
the role of courts in contemporary Vietnam Pip Nicholson
16. Conclusion
challenges and prospects for Asian courts Jiunn-rong Yeh and Wen-Chen Chang.