Athena Unbound: The Advancement of Women in Science and Technology

Athena Unbound: The Advancement of Women in Science and Technology

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Henry Etzkowitz, Carol Kemelgor, Brian Uzzi
Cambridge University Press, 10/19/2000
EAN 9780521563802, ISBN10: 0521563801

Hardcover, 292 pages, 23.6 x 16 x 2.8 cm
Language: English

Why are there so few women scientists? Persisting differences between women's and men's experiences in science make this question as relevant today as it ever was. This book sets out to answer this question, and to propose solutions for the future. Based on extensive research, it emphasizes that science is an intensely social activity. Despite the scientific ethos of universalism and inclusion, scientists and their institutions are not immune to the prejudices of society as a whole. By presenting women's experiences at all key career stages - from childhood to retirement - the authors reveal the hidden barriers, subtle exclusions and unwritten rules of the scientific workplace, and the effects, both professional and personal, that these have on the female scientist. This important book should be read by all scientists - both male and female - and sociologists, as well as women thinking of embarking on a scientific career.

women in science
why so few?
1. The scientific career pipeline
2. Women and science
3. Gender, sex and science
4. Selective access
5. Critical transitions in the graduate and post-graduate career path
6. Women's (and men's) Graduate experience in science
7. The paradox of critical mass for women in science
8. The Kula ring of scientific success
9. Women's faculty experience
10. Dual male and female worlds of science
11. Differences between women in science
12. Social capital and faculty network relationships
13. Negative and positive departmental cultures
14. Initiatives for departmental change
15. International comparisons
16. Athena unbound
policy for women in science