Atlas of Galactic Neutral Hydrogen

Atlas of Galactic Neutral Hydrogen

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W. Butler Burton Dap Hartmann
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Har/Cdr, 1997-03-06
EAN 9780521471114, ISBN10: 0521471117

Hardcover, 243 pages, 30.6 x 21.5 x 2.5 cm
Language: English

Review of the hardback: 'The Atlas gives a fascinatingly different view of the sky showing beautiful and complex structures, and it is interesting to try to trace and interpret them as their strength changes with velocity from image to image. ... The Atlas is well produced and atomic hydrogen is such an important component of our Galaxy that this excellent atlas/CD should appear on the reference shelves of the library of any astronomical institution.' Jim Emerson, Astronomy Now

Review of the hardback: '… valuable resource … enormous mine of data.' Carole G. Mundell, The Observatory