Atoms in Intense Laser Fields

Atoms in Intense Laser Fields

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Professor C. J. Joachain, N. J. Kylstra, R. M. Potvliege
Cambridge University Press, 12/15/2011
EAN 9780521793018, ISBN10: 0521793017

Hardcover, 580 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 3 cm
Language: English

The development of lasers capable of producing high-intensity pulses has opened a new area in the study of light-matter interactions. The corresponding laser fields are strong enough to compete with the Coulomb forces in controlling the dynamics of atomic systems and give rise to multiphoton processes. This book presents a unified account of this rapidly developing field of physics. The first part describes the fundamental phenomena occurring in intense laser-atom interactions and gives the basic theoretical framework to analyze them. The second part contains a detailed discussion of Floquet theory, the numerical integration of the wave equations and approximation methods for the low- and high-frequency regimes. In the third part, the main multiphoton processes are discussed: multiphoton ionization, high harmonic and attosecond pulse generation, and laser-assisted electron-atom collisions. Aimed at graduate students in atomic, molecular and optical physics, the book will also interest researchers working on laser interactions with matter.

Part I. Basic Concepts
1. High-intensity laser-atom physics
2. Theory of laser-atom interactions
Part II. Theoretical Methods
3. Perturbation theory
4. Floquet theory
5. Numerical integration of the wave equations
6. The low-frequency regime
7. The high-frequency regime
Part III. Multiphoton Atomic Physics
8. Multiphoton ionization
9. Harmonic generation and attosecond pulses
10. Laser-assisted electron-atom collisions

'The book is a clear, up-to-date and self-contained presentation of the phenomena involved in the interaction of intense laser fields with atoms. It is recommended to students of postgraduate courses and researchers. It is also a basic literature to all who wish to have an insight [in]to this rather advanced field.' Mario Bertolotti, Contemporary Physics

'Atoms in Intense Laser Fields is a well-organized text … [it] is an excellent introduction to the phenomena and methods of strong-field, laser-atom physics … a solid exposition of the central discoveries and theoretical concepts that form the foundation of the field.' Philip H. Bucksbaum, Physics Today