Atoms in Intense Laser Fields

Atoms in Intense Laser Fields

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Professor C. J. Joachain, N. J. Kylstra, R. M. Potvliege
Cambridge University Press, 2011-12-15
EAN 9780521793018, ISBN10: 0521793017

Paperback, 580 pages, 24.9 x 18 x 3.2 cm

'The book is a clear, up-to-date and self-contained presentation of the phenomena involved in the interaction of intense laser fields with atoms. It is recommended to students of postgraduate courses and researchers. It is also a basic literature to all who wish to have an insight [in]to this rather advanced field.' Mario Bertolotti, Contemporary Physics

'Atoms in Intense Laser Fields is a well-organized text … [it] is an excellent introduction to the phenomena and methods of strong-field, laser-atom physics … a solid exposition of the central discoveries and theoretical concepts that form the foundation of the field.' Philip H. Bucksbaum, Physics Today