Attorney-Client Privilege in the Americas: Professional Secrecy of Lawyers

Attorney-Client Privilege in the Americas: Professional Secrecy of Lawyers

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Dirk Van Gerven Edited by James R. Silkenat
Cambridge University Press, 1/20/2017
EAN 9781107171282, ISBN10: 1107171288

Hardcover, 562 pages, 23.5 x 16 x 3.3 cm
Language: English

One of the major challenges facing the legal profession today is how to adapt and apply the concept of attorney-client privilege (or professional secrecy) in an increasingly globalised world. Rules on attorney-client privilege differ significantly from country to country. This book explores such differences within 32 jurisdictions in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Together with its complementary volume Professional Secrecy of Lawyers in Europe (Cambridge, 2013), this book explores the creation of a common definition for attorney-client privilege which can be accepted by a wide variety of countries and international institutions. Practice and interpretation within each jurisdiction is mapped and explored, including reference to local laws, ethical rules and case law. This book is a useful resource for those working on transactions or litigations which involve several countries.

1. Attorney-client privilege in the Americas James R. Silkenat and Dirk Van Gerven
2. Anguilla Yvette A. Wallace and Angela A. Mullix
3. Antigua and Barbuda Safiya L. Roberts
4. Argentina Marcelo Bombau
5. Bahamas Vann P. Gaitor, LaShay A. S. Thompson, Andrea A. Moultrie, Felix F. L. Beneby Jr and Camryn A. Cartwright
6. Barbados Giles A. M. Carmichael and Sharalee M. J. Gittens
7. Belize Eamon H. Courtenay SC and Iliana N. Swift
8. Bermuda Grant Spurling and Kiernan Bell
9. Bolivia Fernando Aguirre B.
10. Brazil Flavio Olimpio de Azevedo
11. British Virgin Islands Claire Goldstein
12. Canada Malcolm M. Mercer
13. Chile Raimundo Moreno and Monica Vander Schraft
14. Colombia Carlos Urrutia-Valenzuela
15. Costa Rica Andrea Sittenfeld, Adriana Castro, Karla Gonzalez and Eduardo Calderon
16. Cuba Maria Antonieta Landa Marti, Miguel Francisco Sardiñas Arce and Imara Francisca Betancourt Suarez
17. Curaçao Bouke Boersma
18. Dominican Republic Luis Rafael Pellerano and Ricardo Pellerano
19. Ecuador Sebastian Caicedo Ricaurte and Bruce Horowitz
20. El Salvador Ricardo Cevallos
21. Guatemala Alfonso Carrillo M.
22. Honduras J. Humberto Medina Alva and Marcela Aguilar
23. Jamaica Peter S. Goldson and René C. K. Gayle
24. Mexico Samuel García-Cuéllar and Michel Narcia Martínez
25. Panama José Agustín Preciado M. and Mario A. Preciado Miró
26. Paraguay Rosa Elena Dimartino
27. Peru Jean Paul Chabaneix and Luis Bedoya
28. Puerto Rico Richard Graffam-Rodríguez
29. Trinidad and Tobago Mark James Morgan
30. United States Gerry Silver
31. Uruguay Santiago Gatica, José Juan Gari, Juan Bonet, Santiago Murguía, Daniel Mosco and Camila Umpiérrez
32. US Virgin Islands Xaverie L. Baxley-Hull
33. Venezuela Fernando Peláez-Pier and Alejandro Gallotti.