Banning Chemical Weapons: The Scientific Background

Banning Chemical Weapons: The Scientific Background

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Hugh D. Crone
Cambridge University Press, 2/25/1993
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Banning Chemical Weapons, first published in 1993, provides a readable and brief outline of chemical warfare, its origins and the offensive and defensive aspects. The aim of this book is to give technical information to people interested in the wider aspects of disarmament, by showing how this technical material must be used in the negotiations to achieve a worldwide and enforceable ban on chemical weapons. While not a textbook, this volume provides accessible technical background to the issue of chemical disarmament.

1. Introduction
2. The science of peace and war
3. Chemistry and chemical warfare
4. The target
5. Modern chemical warfare
6. Modern chemical warfare
7. Discussions on matters of particular interest
8. Chemical industry and the trade in chemicals
9. Technical problems in the implementation of a chemical weapons convention
10. The future for arms control
11. Conclusions