Becoming Heinrich Schenker: Music Theory and Ideology

Becoming Heinrich Schenker: Music Theory and Ideology

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Robert P. Morgan
Cambridge University Press, 7/24/2014
EAN 9781107067691, ISBN10: 1107067693

Hardcover, 294 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 1.9 cm
Language: English

Much controversy surrounds Schenker's mature theory and its attempt to explain musical pitch motion. Becoming Heinrich Schenker brings a new perspective to Schenker's theoretical work, showing that ideas characteristic of his mature theory, although in many respects fundamentally different, developed logically out of his earlier ideas. Robert P. Morgan provides an introduction to Schenker's mature theory and traces its development through all of his major publications, considering each in detail and with numerous music examples. Morgan also explores the relationship between Schenker's theory and his troubled ideology, which crucially influenced the evolution of his ideas and was heavily dependent upon both the empirical and idealist strains of contemporary German philosophical thought. Relying where possible on quotations from Schenker's own words, this book offers a balanced approach to his theory and a unique overview of this central music figure, generally considered to be the most prominent music theorist of the twentieth century.

Part I. Theory
1. Introduction
2. Schenker's final theory
Part II. Development
3. 'Der Geist der musikalischen Technik'
4. Die Harmonielehre
5. Kontrapunkt I and II
6. The monographs
7. Der Tonwille and Das Meisterwerk in der Musik
8. Der Freie Satz
Part III. Reconsideration
9. Critical assessment
10. Critical assessment
11. Conclusion
German originals.