Being, Nature, and Life in Aristotle: Essays in Honor of Allan Gotthelf

Being, Nature, and Life in Aristotle: Essays in Honor of Allan Gotthelf

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Cambridge University Press, 11/18/2010
EAN 9780521768443, ISBN10: 0521768446

Hardcover, 306 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.9 cm
Language: English
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This volume of essays explores major connected themes in Aristotle's metaphysics, philosophy of nature, and ethics, especially themes related to essence, definition, teleology, activity, potentiality, and the highest good. The volume is united by the belief that all aspects of Aristotle's work need to be studied together if any one of the areas of thought is to be fully understood. Many of the papers were contributions to a conference at the University of Pittsburgh entitled 'Being, Nature, and Life in Aristotle', to honor Professor Allan Gotthelf's many contributions to the field of ancient philosophy; a few are contributions from those who were invited but could not attend. The contributors, all longstanding friends of Professor Gotthelf, are among the most accomplished scholars in the field of ancient philosophy today.

1. Teleology, Platonic and Aristotelian David Sedley
2. Biology and metaphysics in Aristotle Robert Bolton
3. The unity and purpose of On the Parts of Animals I James G. Lennox
4. An Aristotelian puzzle about definition
Metaphysics Z.12 Alan Code
5. Unity of definition in Metaphysics H.6 and Z.12 Mary Louise Gill
6. Definition in Aristotle's Posterior Analytics Pierre Pellegrin
7. Male and female in Aristotle's Generation of Animals Aryeh Kosman
8. Metaphysics Θ. 7 and 8
some issues concerning actuality and potentiality David Charles
9. Where is the activity? Sarah Broadie
10. Political community and the highest good John M. Cooper
Publications of Allan Gotthelf.