Beyond the Balance of Power: France and the Politics of National Security in the Era of the First World War

Beyond the Balance of Power: France and the Politics of National Security in the Era of the First World War

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Peter Jackson
Cambridge University Press, 12/5/2013
EAN 9781107039940, ISBN10: 1107039940

Hardcover, 577 pages, 23.1 x 15 x 3.8 cm
Language: English

This is a major study of French foreign and security policy before, during and after the First World War. Peter Jackson examines the interplay between two contending conceptions of security: the first based on traditional practices of power politics and the second on internationalist doctrines that emerged in the late nineteenth century. He pays particular attention to the social and political context in which security policy was made and to the cultural dynamics of the policy-making process. The result is a comprehensive reassessment of France's security policy in the era of the Great War. The book reconsiders the evolution of French war aims and reinterprets the peace policy of the Clemenceau government in 1919. It provides a perspective on the foreign policy of successive French governments in the early 1920s, and also shows that internationalist ideas were far more influential over this entire period than is commonly understood.

Part I. The Sources of French Security Policy
1. The social dynamics of security policy making
2. Two approaches to security
Part II. War and the Politics of National Security, 1914–18
3. The primacy of the balance of power, 1914–16
4. The coming of a new world order, 1917
5. National deliverance and post-war planning
Part III. Peace and Security, 1918–19
6. The political contexts of peacemaking
7. Towards a post-war security order
8. The Rhineland settlement and the security of France
Part IV. Imposing Security
9. Post-war dilemmas
enforcement or engagement?
10. Briand and the emergence of a multilateral alternative
11. The politics of confrontation
Part V. The Cartel des Gauches and the 'Internationalisation of Security'
12. A new approach
arbitration, security, disarmament
13. Locarno