Biodiversity, Sustainability and Human Communities

Biodiversity, Sustainability and Human Communities

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Edited by Tim O'Riordan, Susanne Stoll-Kleemann
Cambridge University Press, 29/08/2002
EAN 9780521813655, ISBN10: 0521813654

Hardcover, 334 pages, 23.4 x 15.7 x 2.5 cm

Biodiversity is the key indicator of a healthy planet and healthy society. Losses of biodiversity have now become widespread and current rates are potentially catastrophic for species and habitat integrity. Biodiversity, Sustainability and Human Communities advocates both the preservation of the best remaining habitats and the enhancement of new biodiverse habitats to ensure that they cope with human impact, climate change and alien species invasion. The authors argue that these aims can be achieved by a mix of strict protection, inclusive involvement of people inside and adjacent to reserves, and by combining livelihoods and social well-being in all future biodiversity management. Case studies from regions around the world, including Europe, the United States, Latin America and Africa are examined and discussed, and the contributors include political scientists, economists and ecologists.

‘Its strengths are its case studies and its important recognition that participatory democracy … will, and must, drive a paradigm shift in conservation.’ Nature

‘The editors have gathered an impressive array of authors to contribute to the book. … will be useful for someone wanting an introduction to the topic of biodiversity conservation outside reserves.‘ Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management