Bioethics and the Future of Stem Cell Research

Bioethics and the Future of Stem Cell Research

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Insoo Hyun
Cambridge University Press, 6/24/2013
EAN 9780521768696, ISBN10: 0521768691

Hardcover, 225 pages, 23.5 x 15.7 x 1.8 cm
Language: English

Despite years of heated social controversy over the use of human embryos in embryonic stem cell research, the caravan of stem cell science continues to proceed at an unrelenting pace all around the world. Bioethics and the Future of Stem Cell Research urges readers to look beyond the embryo debate to a much wider array of ethical issues in basic stem cell science and clinical translational research, including research involving adult and induced pluripotent stem cells. Insoo Hyun offers valuable insights into complex ethical issues ranging from pre-clinical animal studies to clinical trials and stem cell tourism, all presented through a unique blend of philosophy, literature and the history of science, as well as with Dr Hyun's extensive practical experiences in international stem cell policy formation. This thoughtful book is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the science of stem cells and the practical and philosophical elements of research ethics.

1. Prologue
the dogs bark but the caravan moves on
2. A shifting terrain
the dynamics of stem cell research
3. The golden bridle I
philosophical research ethics
4. The golden bridle II
practical research ethics
5. Pegasus and the Chimera
stem cell-based animal research
6. The limit case
acute human/non-human neurological chimerism
7. Human trials
testing stem cell-based biologics in patients
8. Still the sky is blue
stem cell tourism and medical innovation.