Biological Materials Science: Biological Materials, Bioinspired Materials, and Biomaterials

Biological Materials Science: Biological Materials, Bioinspired Materials, and Biomaterials

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Marc André Meyers, Po-Yu Chen
Cambridge University Press, 7/31/2014
EAN 9781107010451, ISBN10: 1107010454

Hardcover, 644 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 3.4 cm
Language: English

Taking a unique materials science approach, this text introduces students to the basic concepts and applications of materials and biomedical engineering and prepares them for the challenges of the new interdisciplinary field of biomaterials science. Split into three sections - Basic Biology Principles, Biological Materials, and Bioinspired Materials and Biomimetics - it presents biological materials along with the structural and functional classification of biopolymers, bioelastomers, foams, and ceramic composites. More traditional biomimetic designs such as Velcro are then discussed in conjunction with new developments that mimic the structure of biological materials at the molecular level, mixing nanoscale with biomolecular designs. Bioinspired design of materials and structures is also covered. Focused presentations of biomaterials are presented throughout the text in succinct boxes, emphasising biomedical applications, whilst the basic principles of biology are explained, so no prior knowledge is required. The topics are supported by approximately 500 illustrations, solved problems, and end-of-chapter exercises.

1. Evolution of materials science and engineering
from natural to bioinspired materials
Part I. Basic Biology Principles
2. Self assembly, hierarchy, and evolution
3. Basic building blocks
4. Cells
5. Biomineralization
Part II. Biological Materials
6. Silicate and calcium carbonate-based composites
7. Calcium phosphate-based composites
8. Biological polymers and polymer composites
9. Biological elastomers
10. Biological foams (porous solids)
11. Functional biological materials
Part III. Bioinspired Materials and Biomimetics
12. Bioinspired materials
13. Molecular-based biomimetics.