Biomarkers of Disease

Biomarkers of Disease

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Edited by Andrew K. Trull, Lawrence M. Demers, David W. Holt, Atholl Johnston, J. Michael Tredger, Christopher P. Price
Cambridge University Press, 06/06/2002
EAN 9780521811026, ISBN10: 0521811023

Hardcover, 518 pages, 25.1 x 18 x 3 cm

This publication takes a critical, evidence-based look at the efficacy of diagnostic tests which are increasingly being used to evaluate organ damage and dysfunction. The use of biomarkers is growing, with a steady stream of products being brought out by the pharmaceutical industry. Some of these assist in diagnosis, others provide a means of monitoring the state of progression of disease and the effectiveness of therapeutic options. However, in many cases the evidence which supports the use of these methods as opposed to traditional biochemical tests has not yet been demonstrated, and it is intended that this volume will help clarify the strengths and weaknesses of using these biomarkers across a wide range of applications and in the various organs of the body. This approach will provide pathologists, clinical biochemists and medical laboratory scientists with an invaluable overview of the diverse applications of biomarkers in medicine.

Review of the hardback: ‘… contains an amazing wealth of information … I know I will refer to it frequently … and will keep it readily accessible on my bookshelf.’ Doody's