Biophysics: A Physiological Approach

Biophysics: A Physiological Approach

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Professor Patrick F. Dillon
Cambridge University Press, 2012-01-19
EAN 9781107001442, ISBN10: 1107001447

Hardcover, 314 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 2 cm
Language: English

'Students of life science in the broad sense tend to have either a mainly biological or physico-chemical approach to their subject, and it is indeed a large leap to acquire a good grasp of both aspects. This book offers rigorous but accessible explanations of basic mechanisms and also presents biomedical applications in a manner that heightens understanding of the biological context. The book presents the biophysical basis of an impressive number of physiological and biochemical mechanisms in a manner that is not found in traditional textbooks. It should certainly help to broaden the knowledge base of students and researchers in biomedicine and life science and thereby facilitate cross-disciplinary understanding and interaction.' Per Hellstrand, Lund University, Sweden

'… very well written … some biochemical examples are beautifully described … Chapter 5 (on force and movement) is superbly written … The chapter on pharmacokinetics is impressive …' Jose L. Neira, Miguel Hernández University of Elche

'This book represents a good discussion of well-known biochemical and biophysical principles, but from a physiological viewpoint that is both interesting and uncommon … Highly recommended.' Choice

'The strength of the book lies in the decades of experience that the author can draw on to illustrate these processes and in knowing his students. Overall, this is a highly readable volume that discusses the physics in physiology in more depth than the typical physiology textbook and will expose concepts from bioengineering to a broader audience.' Markus A. Seeliger, The Quarterly Review of Biology