Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Cold Regions

Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Cold Regions

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Cambridge University Press, 2/21/2008
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Hardcover, 298 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 1.8 cm
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This guide to bioremediation in cold regions is designed to aid environmental practitioners, industry, and regulators in the remediation of petroleum spills and contaminated sites in cold regions. Remediation design and technology used in temperate climates does not necessarily work in cold climates, and cleanup takes longer due to shorter treatment seasons, sub-freezing temperatures, ground freezing and thawing, and limited bioactivity. Environmental engineers and scientists from eight countries working in the polar regions combine their experiences and expertise with petroleum contamination to write this book. It contains in-depth discussions on regulations, freezing and frozen ground, identification and adaptations of cold-tolerant bacteria, contaminant transport in cold soils and permafrost, temperature effects on biodegradation, analytical methods, treatability studies, and nutritional requirements for bioremediation. Emphasis is given to practical and effective bioremediation methods for application in cold regions. Emerging technologies are also discussed.

1. Contamination, regulation and remediation
an introduction to bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons in cold regions Ian Snape, Larry Acomb, David L. Barnes, Steve Bainbridge, Robert Eno, Dennis M. Filler, Natalie Plato, John S. Poland, Tania C. Raymond, John L. Rayner, Martin J. Riddle, Anne G. Rike, Allison Rutter, Alexis N.Schafer, Steven D. Siciliano, and James L. Walworth
2. Freezing and frozen soils Walter Fourie and Yuri Shur
3. Movement of petroleum through freezing and frozen soils David L. Barnes and Kevin Biggar
4. Hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria in contaminated cold soils Jackie Aislabie and Julia Foght
5. Temperature effects on biodegradation of petroleum contaminants in cold soils Anne Gunn Rike, Silke Schiewer, and Dennis M. Filler
6. Analytical methods for petroleum in cold region soils Daniel M. White, D. Sarah Garland, and Craig R. Woolard
7. Treatability studies
microcosms, mesocosms and field trials Ian Snape, C. Mike Reynolds, James L. Walworth, and Susan Ferguson
8. Nutritional requirements for bioremediation James L. Walworth and Susan Ferguson
9. Landfarming James L. Walworth, C. Mike Reynolds, Allison Rutter, and Ian Snape
10. Thermally-enhanced bioremediation and integrated systems Dennis M. Filler, David L. Barnes, Ronald A. Johnson, and Ian Snape
11. Emerging technologies Dale Van Stempvoort, Kevin Biggar, Dennis M. Filler, Ronald A. Johnson, Ian Snape, Kate Mumford, William Schnabel, and Steve Bainbridge

'... an excellent tool for environmental engineers working in cold regions, but also it will truly satisfy an extensive number of readers (scientists, students, engineers, planners etc.).' The Geographical Journal