Borderless Wars

Borderless Wars

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Antonia Chayes
Cambridge University Press, 9/3/2015
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Paperback, 218 pages, 21.6 x 14 x 1.3 cm
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In 2011, Nasser Al-Awlaki, a terrorist on the US 'kill list' in Yemen, was targeted by the CIA. A week later, a military strike killed his son. The following year, the US Ambassador to Pakistan resigned, undermined by CIA-conducted drone strikes of which he had no knowledge or control. The demands of the new, borderless 'gray area' conflict have cast civilians and military into unaccustomed roles with inadequate legal underpinning. As the Department of Homeland Security defends against cyber threats and civilian contractors work in paramilitary roles abroad, the legal boundaries of war demand to be outlined. In this book, former Under Secretary of the Air Force Antonia Chayes examines these new 'gray areas' in counterinsurgency, counter-terrorism and cyber warfare. Her innovative solutions for role definition and transparency will establish new guidelines in a rapidly evolving military-legal environment.

1. Introduction
2. Civil-military relations
from theory to policy
3. The counterinsurgency dilemma
4. Civil-military implications
the demands of a counterinsurgency strategy
5. Legal implications of counterinsurgency
opportunities missed but not lost
6. Counterterrorism
the unquiet warfare of targeted killings
7. Civil-military policy issues in targeted killing by UAVs
8. The legal underpinnings for targeted killing by UAV
framing the issues
9. Opportunities for stepping forward
10. Cyber attacks and cyber war
framing the issues
11. Implications for civil-military relations in cyber attacks and cyber war
12. Legal implications of cyber attacks and cyber war
13. International cooperation on training wheels
14. Conclusion
the end is the beginning.