Burma's Economy in the Twentieth Century

Burma's Economy in the Twentieth Century

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Ian Brown
Cambridge University Press, 11/7/2013
EAN 9781107680050, ISBN10: 1107680050

Paperback, 244 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.4 cm
Language: English
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Introduction; 1. The economy at the beginning of the twentieth century; 2. Strains in the late colonial economy; 3. War and independence; 4. In pursuit of socialism; 5. Toward the market: the economy from 1988; Conclusion: themes and threads; Bibliography; Index.

Advance praise: 'This important new book could scarcely be better timed. Appearing just as Burma itself is emerging from decades of effective isolation from much of the world, Ian Brown's account of Burma's economic travails is both a significant historical work, and a highly valuable contribution to understanding the country's current (and future) problems and possibilities. A book of immense scholarship worn lightly, Burma's Economy in the Twentieth Century will prove a seminal contribution to a country that may yet escape the shackles of its past.' Sean Turnell, Macquarie University

Advance praise: 'Burma's Economy in the Twentieth Century is a comprehensive analysis of that increasingly important country. It comes at an opportune time when foreign companies are considering investing there. By providing an historical overview and background that is a major contribution to the burgeoning literature on Burma, Professor Brown has informed those in policy positions, potential investors in the private sector, and the academic community. The volume will also be a welcome text for courses on Burma and is highly recommended.' David Steinberg, Distinguished Professor of Asian Studies, Georgetown University

Advance praise: 'Professor Brown's very readable, but erudite, volume Burma's Economy in the Twentieth Century achieves more than it promises. It is indeed a succinct, thoughtful, and intellectually stimulating study of what its title describes. However, it is something rarer, a history of Burma with the perspective necessary to explain why the country is as it is today.' Robert H. Taylor, Visiting Professorial Fellow, Institute of South East Asian Studies, Singapore, and author of The State In Myanmar