Camino al espanol: A Comprehensive Course In Spanish

Camino al espanol: A Comprehensive Course In Spanish

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Consuelo De Andrés Martínez
Cambridge University Press, 2004-05-27
EAN 9780521530750, ISBN10: 052153075X

Hardcover, 450 pages, 24.6 x 24.2 x 18.6 cm

This intensive course is expressly designed to lead the adult beginner to a comprehensive knowledge of Spanish. The course gives balanced attention to the four key language skills: the development of listening comprehension and speaking skills is supported by quality audio materials recorded by native speakers, while answer keys support written work and grammar-acquisition exercises, and facilitate independent study. Authentic written materials develop important receptive skills and encourage the transition to independent reading. • Based on a style of Spanish easily understood by most speakers, thoughtful explanations make clear the main differences between peninsular and Latin American forms and usage • Features an abundance of pair and group work activities ideal for classroom use • Authentic materials and website references foster cultural awareness • Clear, attractive layout with lively illustrations to reinforce learning • Extensive reference features including a grammar guide, verb tables and vocabulary lists • Teachers’ guidelines promote practical application in the classroom

‘Camino al español is a no-frills, though attractive, comprehensive and often imaginative textbook that fills a significant gap in the market.‘ Times Higher Education Supplement

‘… Camino al español is a first-rate beginner‘s course that fills a space in the teaching of Spanish to adults and young adults. For schools with Spanish A level, further education colleges and university departments requiring new materials for Spanish beginners, this course is undoubtedly worthy of consideration.‘ Vida Hispánica