Capitalism, For and Against: A Feminist Debate

Capitalism, For and Against: A Feminist Debate

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Ann E. Cudd, Nancy Holmstrom
Cambridge University Press, 1/6/2011
EAN 9780521114073, ISBN10: 0521114071

Hardcover, 360 pages, 23.5 x 15.5 x 2 cm
Language: English

Political philosophy and feminist theory have rarely examined in detail how capitalism affects the lives of women. Ann Cudd and Nancy Holmstrom take up opposing sides of the issue, debating whether capitalism is valuable as an ideal and whether as an actually existing economic system it is good for women. In a discussion covering a broad range of social and economic issues, including unequal pay, industrial reforms and sweatshops, they examine how these and other issues relate to women and how effectively to analyze what constitutes 'capitalism' and 'women's interests'. Each author also responds to the opposing arguments, providing a thorough debate of the topics covered. The resulting volume will interest a wide range of readers in philosophy, political theory, women's studies and global affairs.

Part I. For Capitalism as a Feminist Ideal and Reality Ann Cudd
1. Introduction
2. The empirical case for capitalism as an actually existing system
3. The theoretical explanation of capitalism's success
4. Feminist critiques of capitalism
5. Fetishism
6. Enlightened capitalism
a feminist capitalist manifesto
Part II. Against Capitalism as Theory and as Reality Nancy Holmstrom
7. Introduction
8. Capitalism in theory
ideals and limits
9. Capitalism in reality
10. Human interests are women's interests
11. Conclusion. What is the alternative and what should feminists do now?
Part III. Responses
12. Ann Cudd's reply to Nancy Holmstrom
13. Nancy Holmstrom's reply to Ann Cudd.