Case Studies in Adult Intensive Care Medicine

Case Studies in Adult Intensive Care Medicine

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Cambridge University Press, 4/20/2017
EAN 9781107423374, ISBN10: 1107423376

Paperback, 372 pages, 23.4 x 15.7 x 1.8 cm
Language: English

Guiding FFICM and EDIC exam candidates through the intensive care medicine curriculum, this book provides 48 case studies mapped to eight key areas of study in the UK and European syllabuses. Cases include clinical vignettes, explanations and a list of key learning points, while also being formatted along the structure of FICM case reports. Key clinical management points are identified and linked to appropriate scientific or evidence-based research and case studies chosen reflect a general population relevant to a worldwide readership. Conditions covered are significant to large areas of clinical practice as well as more discrete specialist knowledge, making this an essential study guide for trainees preparing for exams in intensive care medicine and also a useful learning tool for candidates in related disciplines such as anaesthesia (FRCA), emergency medicine (MCEM) and surgery (MRCS).

1. Cardiac arrest post resuscitation management - NSTEMI / STEMI Richard Porter and Andrew Temple
2. Initial management of the polytrauma patient Nicola Pawley and Paul Whiting
3. Management of major burns on the intensive care unit Tushar Mahambrey, Emma England and Will Loh
4. Management of sepsis Chris Thorpe
5. Rhabdomyolysis Ingi Elsayed and Ajay H. Raithatha
6. Management of acute liver failure Elizabeth Wilson and Philip Docherty
7. Status epilepticus Graeme Nimmo
8. Acute ischaemic stroke Samir Matloob and Martin Smith
9. Subarachnoid haemorrhage A. D. Trotman and P. J. Andrews
10. Management of traumatic brain injury Matthew Wiles
11. Variceal haemorrhage Gregor McNeill
12. Surgical management of pancreatitis Qaiser Jalal and Ahmed Al-Mukhtar
13. Intra-abdominal hypertension and abdominal compartment syndrome Helen Ellis and Stephen Webber
14. Management of the ventilated asthmatic patient J. Seidel
15. Pneumonia Gerry Lynch
16. Interstitial lung disease Zhe Hui Hui and Omar Pirzada
17. Chronic pulmonary hypertension
what does critical care have to offer? B. Vickery and A. A. Klein
18. Acute lung injury Gary H. Mills
19. The role of non-invasive ventilation following extubation of intensive care unit patients Alastair J. Glossop
20. Valvular heart disease and endocarditis
Critical care management Jonathan H. Rosser and Nick Morgan-Hughes
21. Cardiac failure management and mechanical assist devices Miguel Garcia and Julian Barker
22. Management of common overdoses Ascanio Tridente
23. Necrotising soft tissue infections in the intensive care unit setting Jane Cunningham and Dave Partridge
24. Fungal infections Rachel Wadsworth and Dave Partridge
25. Acutely jaundiced patient - autoimmune hepatitis Lin Lee Wong and Dermot Gleeson
26. Massive haemorrhage Sarah Linford and Thearina de Beer
27. Glucose emergencies James Keegan and Gordon Craig
28. Endocrine emergencies Aylwin J. Chick
29. Acid base abnormalities Alastair Glossop
30. Nutrition and refeeding syndrome Sarah Irving
31. Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia in critical care M. J. Feast
32. Airway management Timothy Wenham and Aditya Krishan Kapoor
33. Bronchoscopy and tracheostomy S. Cantellow and V. Banks
34. Central venous catheter infections Andrew Leeson and Stephen Webber
35. Ventilator associated pneumonia Alastair James Morgan
36. Neuromonitoring Martin Smith
37. Monitoring cardiac output Tim Meekings
38. The surgical patient on critical care John Jameson
39. Delirium in the intensive care unit Richard Bourne
40. Death and organ donation Steven Lobaz and James Wigfull
41. Managing the acutely ill child prior to transfer David Rowney
42. Who to admit to critical care? Daniele Bryden
43. Clearing the cervical spine in the unconscious patient in the intensive care unit Michael Athanassacopoulos and Neil Chiverton
44. Alcohol related liver disease (who to admit to critical care, when to refer to a specialist centre) James Beck and Phil Jackson
45. Hyperpyrexia Sarah Irving