Case Studies in Communication Disorders

Case Studies in Communication Disorders

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Louise Cummings
Cambridge University Press, 10/6/2016
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Paperback, 522 pages, 24.6 x 17.3 x 2.7 cm
Language: English

Designed for students of speech-language pathology, audiology and clinical linguistics, this valuable text introduces students to all aspects of the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of clients with developmental and acquired communication disorders through a series of structured case studies. Each case study includes questions which direct readers to important features of the case that will facilitate clinical learning. A selection of further readings encourages students to extend their knowledge of communication disorders. Key features of this book include: • 48 detailed case studies based on actual clients with communication disorders • 25 questions within each case study • Fully-worked answers to every question • 105 suggestions for further reading The text also develops knowledge of the epidemiology, aetiology, and linguistic and cognitive features of communication disorders, highlights salient aspects of client histories, and examines assessments and interventions used in the management of clients.

Part I. Speech Disorders
1. Cleft lip and palate
2. Developmental dysarthria
3. Developmental verbal dyspraxia
4. Glossectomy
5. Acquired dysarthria
6. Apraxia of speech
7. Foreign accent syndrome
Part II. Language Disorders
8. Developmental phonological disorder
9. Specific language impairment
10. Pragmatic language impairment
11. Developmental dyslexia
12. Language in intellectual disability
13.Language in autism spectrum disorder
14. Language in epilepsy
15. Language in paediatric traumatic brain injury
16. Language in childhood cancer
17. Fluent and non-fluent aphasia
18. Right-hemisphere language disorder
19. Language in adult traumatic brain injury
20. Language in dementia
21. Language in other neurodegenerative disorders
Part III. Fluency Disorders
22. Developmental stuttering
23. Acquired stuttering
24. Cluttering
Part IV. Voice Disorders
25. Organic voice disorder
26. Functional voice disorder
27. Laryngectomy
28. Transsexual voice
Part V. Hearing Disorders
29. Conductive hearing loss
30. Sensorineural hearing loss
31. Cochlear implantation
32. Central auditory processing disorder
Part VI. Psychiatric Disorders
33. Childhood emotional and behavioural disorders
34. Schizophrenia
35. Bipolar disorder
Appendix A. Answers to questions
Appendix B. Suggestions for further reading.